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Welcome To Augusta Eye MD

Restoring and protecting your best possible vision is our priority, as is seeking out and adopting the latest, most effective eye care technology.

At our leading edge facility, board-certified eye doctors Stuart Marks, MD, and Jared Staats, OD, work together with their highly trained staff to provide one of the finest eye care experiences in Augusta, GA.

Whether you need laser cataract surgery or treatment for glaucoma, eyelid conditions, dry eyeretinal diseases, or corneal diseases, our experienced eye doctors offer unsurpassed specialty eye care.

Learn more about Augusta Eye MD, including our fully stocked optical shop and state-of-the-art surgery center, both conveniently located on-site.

Services and Procedures

Our eye surgeons specialize in the treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye, eyelid conditions, and retinal and corneal diseases.

Offering the Latest Technology

Learn more about the advanced technology at Augusta Eye MD used to provide ultra-precise procedures and personalized visual results.

Experience You Can Trust

Dr. Stuart Marks and Dr. Jared Staats are among the foremost eye surgeons in Augusta, GA. Learn more about their specialties and experience.