Patient Stories

"My first visit with Dr. Marks was exemplary of what a patient would like their visit to be. Having several diagnoses, I had many questions I wanted to ask. I never had to ask any questions. Dr. Marks was very through and by the end of the visit he had covered a great deal of information.

The staff members are in incredible! I have never experienced an office where everyone is so affable.

Today I returned for a pre-op visit . While there I experienced a syncopal episode. I awakened with Dr. Stuart wiping my face with a cool cloth, not standing to the side giving verbal instructions but multi-tasking. What a compassionate physician. There are no words or awards that do justice for him.

Dr. Marks you can be very proud of your staff. They are exceptional! To the staff, you certainly have every right to claim bragging rights when speaking about Dr. Marks. Having worked in the medical for many years I can without a doubt say to you, you are blessed to be able to work with Dr Marks. I thank God for answering my prayer and leading me to this office!"


"I would like to thank you for the outstanding care I have received by you and your staff. In July of 2011 you performed a lens implant procedure for me in your surgery center. I experienced only minimal post-operative discomfort and no pain. The final result was phenomenal. The efficient manner in which your office operates is amazing. How you can run a practice as busy as yours with so little patient waiting time is impressive. Your staff is skilled, knowledgeable, friendly, kind, caring and extremely efficient. Not to mention the facility is beautiful and obviously up to date technologically. I will continue to sing your praises to my friends and patients. Thank you again!"

-Logan Nalley, Jr., DMD

 “I have been extremely near sighted my entire life and don’t remember ever not wearing very thick glasses or contact lenses. My vision was so poor that I could not see the alarm clock, 12 inches from my pillow, without putting my glasses on first. At age 52 I saw Dr. Stuart Marks for my annual exam and I remember telling him, “I need new glasses or contacts because I can’t see anything in dim or dark lighting”. Dr. Marks found that my vision was diminished due to cataracts, and recommended cataract surgery. Even though I have been a Registered Nurse for over 35 years, I was still a little apprehensive prior to the surgery but I need not to have been. At the pre-op visit, everything that was going to happen was thoroughly explained, the measurements for the implants were taken, and every question or concern I had was answered. I have to say having them removed has been one of the best things I have ever done!   For the first time in my life I could see things without glasses or contacts. It may sound trivial but immediately after the surgery I looked up and saw the clock on the opposite wall and I could see it!!!!  I was so excited and I could not wait for the 2 weeks to pass to have my other eye done. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Marks and his entire staff at Augusta Eye MD. Every person in the office, from the front desk staff to Dr. Marks (and every other staff member in between!), has treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism. Going to the Augusta Eye MD office is not like going to a doctor’s appointment, it’s like seeing old friends again.”

-Gail Erlitz, RN, BC, BSN, MA, MSN
Board Certified- Informatics Nurse
Lieutenant Colonel (retired)-US Army Nurse Corps
University Hospital, Augusta, GA

"I am an ophthalmologist and a former physician at Augusta Eye MD. When I needed cataract surgery I chose my former associate, Dr. Stuart Marks, to perform my surgery. The facility and the care provided by Dr. Marks and the staff of the office and surgery center were first class, and the outcome could not have been better. Knowing, as I do, the risks of any surgery I was completely confident in my choice of both the facility and the surgeon."

-John F. Bigger, MD

"I would like to comment on the wonderful treatment I received at Augusta Eye MD at the hands of Dr. Stuart Marks and his staff! I am 88 years old, and one of the most precious blessings I have is eyesight. Dr. Marks removed cataracts from both eyes with absolutely no problems. I always enjoy my annual examination because I know I am receiving the most thorough and expert treatment possible."

-Doug Barnard Jr., Former Member of Congress

"You made me feel cared for and comforted in all aspects of the procedure. I highly recommend your facility and staff"


"Most organized and professional staff I have ever utilized - impressive!"


"This is the most excellent eye care facility that I have been treated in"


"Dr. Marks is to be commended for having such an outstanding staff. I am blessed to be under his and their care"


"The attention and care I received by everyone was outstanding"


"I am really impressed with Dr. Marks and each and every staff member involved in my procedure"


“I’ve had many surgeries over the years and my surgery at Augusta Eye Surgery exceeded all of them in professionalism, comfort, and truth be told, I was pampered!”

-Marguerite Cassels

“During the 13 years of being treated by doctors at Augusta Eye MD, the care and treatment has always been excellent. The staff and office personnel have always been kind and understanding of my condition.”

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