Patient Testimonial

“My first visit with Dr. Marks was exemplary of what a patient would like their visit to be. Having several diagnoses, I had many questions I wanted to ask. I never had to ask any questions. Dr. Marks was very through and by the end of the visit he had covered a great deal of information.

The staff members are in incredible! I have never experienced an office where everyone is so affable.

Today I returned for a pre-op visit . While there I experienced a syncopal episode. I awakened with Dr. Stuart wiping my face with a cool cloth, not standing to the side giving verbal instructions but multi-tasking. What a compassionate physician. There are no words or awards that do justice for him.

Dr. Marks you can be very proud of your staff. They are exceptional! To the staff, you certainly have every right to claim bragging rights when speaking about Dr. Marks. Having worked in the medical for many years I can without a doubt say to you, you are blessed to be able to work with Dr Marks. I thank God for answering my prayer and leading me to this office!”

~ P.L.